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Membership Info/Dues
Club Address:

San Francisco Seminole Club
P.O. Box 26742
SanFrancisco, CA 94126

The San Francisco Seminole Club is a non-profit organization for fans, alumni and friends of Florida State University in the Bay Area.  Membership dues are $20 per year for individuals and $30 per year for a family membership.  Dues are collected annually and run through each calendar year. The dues collected will help with club costs such as our checking account, web page, mailbox, pay-per-view sbscription, etc.  Click on the Printable Membership Form page and fill out the applicable information.  Please print, complete and return to the above address.  Please make all checks payable to the San Francisco Seminole Club.  THANK YOU AND WELCOME TO THE SAN FRANCISCO SEMINOLE CLUB!

Printable Membership Form Instructions:

1) Click on the Printable Membership Form Page
2) Print the Page
3) Complete the form and return to the above address along with your check
4) Hit the back button on your browser to return to the SF Seminole Club Web Site