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Notable Noles
Noles making a name for themselves in the Bay Area

Jeff Gargiulo FSU Alumni        Gargiulo Vineyards is a boutique family winery with two unique Oakville properties, Money Road Ranch and 575 OVX (Oakville Crossroad). We have been farming for almost 100 years and are committed to producing the highest quality wines possible from these two jewel-box estate vineyards. We produce roughly 2300 total cases annually and are represented in 11 markets. We produce a single vineyard, estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, Rosato and lastly Aprile, a Super Oakville Blend. Please visit

Josh Massie FSU Alumni - Hospitality and Restaurant Administration       The Bath Factory, located on the plaza in Sonoma, specializes in everything to pamper yourself in the bath: soap, soaks, salts, scrubs, bubbles and lotions. The soaps are all-natural containing no animal products and crafted in the "old-world" style of cold processing insuring the finished product retains the benefits of the natural oils. The Bath Factory is a great place to shop for gifts for everyone in the family and they have a great selection of bath accessories for kids. Next time you're in Sonoma be sure to visit Josh in The Bath Factory, 481 First Street, West, or online at